“To help businesses deliver better customer experience through the use of digital technology.”


Almost two and a half million[1] businesses are trading in Australia. Yet only fifty percent of small businesses are visible on the Internet[2] and almost seventy percent are struggling to be Digitally ready[3].

LI Labs ­– Australia is helping Australian businesses bridge this gap. We do this by providing Digital platforms that guide clients in finding you on the Internet, and we will help you provide a better experience for them in their engagement with you. We will work with you to understand your business, what you want to achieve, and what is delaying you from reaching your business goals. Working with us, we will help you meet your business needs through Digital technology that delivers business results. The Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science predicts that Digital innovation will boost the Australian economy by up to two hundred and fifty billion dollars by 2025[4].

Is your business ready to take advantage of Digital growth?

The company

Linking & Integrating Labs – Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia (ACN: 630 002 596) in 2018 with the trading name LI Labs – Australia.

Our purpose is to help Australian businesses take advantage of new digital technology that can improve the customer experience. LI Labs – Australia believes in thinking Outside-In and solutioning Inside-Out. That is, we encourage you to think from a customer’s perspective and analyse business processes inside your organisation to deliver the best possible digital ecosystem for your customers.

We are driven by our Mission Statement that places the customer experience at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe that businesses that simplify and offer seamless interaction with their customers will provide enhanced customer satisfaction.

How we can help you

Website Design and Development

Developing Websites for Better User Experience and deliver Customer Expectations…

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Mobile Application Design and Development

Bringing your idea to life by careful analysis of your target market and creative solutions…

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We offer online shopping experience that is seamless and comprehensive to your customers…

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App solutions that with increate the bottom-line and reduce operational costs…

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Business Consulting

The key focus of our services is to help Australian businesses have prominent
digital platforms and provide effective customer experience through them.

To provide effective customer experience traditional business processes
will need to involve to cater the demanding customer needs.
We will guide you through this process and help you become digitally ready,
then the journey continues…

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